Jeoffrey NoblecourtJeoffrey Noblecourt:

Height: 5-8

Birth: 09/05/1994

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Paris, France

If you go to the Nicholls tennis page, here are the information you can find about Jeoffrey Noblecourt. However, there’s a lot more to know about Jeoffrey and this Frenchie is definitely worth knowing. In addition to his unique personality Jeoffrey, “Jeff” or “Ginger” has a very special relation with the United States.

France and USA

Here is what makes of Jeff story with America a special one:

Jeoffrey with his red shirt standing next to Nick Bolletieri and some other players of the academy.

Jeff has spent one third of his life in the USA, he is the more American of the French that I know. Indeed, being part of the best tennis players of his age gave Jeff the early opportunity to join the famous Bolletieri Academy located in Florida. Here we go, a little 12-years-old promising tennis player was about to take the plane for the first time and leave his family  to start a completely new life. “At 12 years old, I had no clue what to expect. All I wanted was to be a tennis champion,” Jeff said. He stayed at the academy for 4 years playing tennis and studying at the same time. His routine over there was pretty tough starting every day with a 6 a.m. physical conditioning. At the age of 16, he decided to go back home as he didn’t improve as much as his coaches were expected him too. You must think Jeff story with the US ended there. Yet it didn’t.

Indeed, after one month and a half home, a coach from Miami called him and offered Jeff the opportunity to come back in the US and practice with that coach. At that time Jeff still believed in his dream … becoming professional. However, a serious injury prevented him to reach his goal. Therefore, he came back to France at the age of 17 and stayed there for one year to graduate from high school through online classes.

Guess what … 1 year later Jeff had the opportunity to come back again to the US and join a university thanks to a tennis scholarship. He is now a sophomore at Nicholls State University, LA.

Jeoffrey’s personality:

Jeff is one of those hyperactive person who can’t stay calm and inactive for too long. He is a very outgoing person, comfortable talking with everybody. However, his personality can cause him some troubles … “He is the one who’s gonna make a funny comment during inappropriate moments,” said Nico, one of his teammates. The best word to describe him is “unexpected” according to Evan (another teammate) in that “the moment you think you know Jeff is the moment he is gonna chose to surprise you again.”

Jeff’s future: a dilemna between 2 countries …

14119620-u-s-a-and-france-trade-relations-symbol-represented-by-two-faces-head-to-head-in-cooperation-and-comJeff has absolutely no clue where he wanna be later. He is sort of torn between France and America but he prefers not thinking about his future yet. His life philosophy is to take things how they come and live the moment. “I’ll finish school and see how it goes,” he said.

Here are things that he likes or dislikes about America and Americans:

Like: Like

  •  Americans are more open minded and friendly
  •  School is easier in the America
  •  Life is cheaper


  • Girls too fat
  •  Legal age is 21
  •  Different laws depending on the State

To finish 3 of Jeff teammates talking about him (Evan from Australia, Catherine from Canada and Isla from Germany).


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