Who I am …

Photo !I am Marie Aubert, a French student living in the USA for two years already. I have taken a chance to come here at Nicholls State University and study journalism thanks to a tennis scholarship. This scholarship permits me to conciliate sport and study which is  almost impossible to do back home.

When I am not studying in America, I live in France and more precisely in the North East of France in a city of about 8 000 people called Ludres.

I have one twin brother who is living and studying in Paris and whose name is Pierre. I also have a big brother, Cyril, who is both an accountant and a ski coach.

I am not fond of talking about myself but I think I am a simple, humble and easy going girl. I am fond of sport and later, I would like to be a sport journalist to attend any big sport event and travel all over the world. I love travelling and meeting new people with different culture. I think travelling is a good way to broaden your mind and make you grow up. It is also very rewarding as you can see through the experience depicted in this blog …


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