First days in the US (episode 2)

If you saw my last post, you may think that after my travelling experience, things could not get any worse. Well, actually … It got worst.

NichollsAs I said, I finally ended up at Nicholls. However, as I arrived at about 1 a.m. nobody was there to greet me. Where to sleep? I had no clue. Eventually, my assistant coach called one of the tennis player (Palash) who was already on campus and asked him if I could sleep in his apartment for one night. Luckily, Palash accepted.

I took a quick shower and slept at his place.The apartment was actually pretty nice and I could finally have a little rest. But to be honest, with all that stress, I didn’t sleep well, not to say I didn’t sleep at all. The following day contributes to increase my stress even more … Let me explain.

It was about 10 a.m. when someone knocked at my door and woke me up. “Hey I am Sid, one of your teammate. You have to come with me to find out where your official room is and move in,” he said. “Well ok,” I must have said completely lost. I followed him without really understanding what was happening. We eventually arrived at the front desk of the housing building. After giving some basic information about myself, one of the residence official told me I will be living in “Calecas Hall.” At that moment I had no clue what was Calecas Hall but with hindsight, walking next to that building or even hearing its name makes me feel nauseous. “Ghetto Hall” or “Shit Hall,” that’s how Nicholls student are referring to this building. I understood few minutes later why. How was my dorm looking? That’s what you’ll figure out in my next post (first days in the US episode 3.)


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