First days in the US

As my blog is slowly growing up. I’ve realized that I didn’t even talk about one essential thing … My arrival in the US. Considering my blog theme, I can’t avoid dealing with those first few days which were, I have to confess, pretty tough for me. Yet, this period is very important in that it represents the start of my adventure in America. How did a 20 years old French girl cope in the very first moments with a completely new environment? That’s what you’ll learn through this post.

avion-decollage08/10/2011, Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris.

Here I am, taking the plane for the second time of my life, heading to a country that I don’t know, in which I have never been before, and where people are talking a language that I don’t master. Alone in the back of the plane, I am wondering, ” In which adventure did I get involved in? I left my whole family and my friends to take a leap into the unknown.” The only persons that I knew from the university and who I talked a bit with through e- mails were my future coach, Meenakshi Sundaram and Mrs. Marylin, the woman in charge of the international people. Otherwise, I was going to the unknown … And to tell the truth, at first things didn’t go very well as I was plagued by bad luck.

Here are the misfortunes I had to cope with during and after my flights:


  • My first plane from Paris to Atlanta took off 45 minutes late.
  • I landed one hour late in Atlanta after a horrible fly (no sleep at all)
  • I struggled explaining my situation in English at the customer boarder and they had to keep me to make sure my situation was “valid.”
  • Finally the customs officer gave me my I-94 paper and I run to get my luggage
  • While “running” I dropped my I-94 (I didn’t realize on the moment but it causes me lots of troubles later on)
  • It took me forever to find my two big suitcases and check them for the second time
  • Completely lost in the Atlanta’s airport, I couldn’t find my gate
  • I finally got to my second plane sweating from everywhere
  • As I landed in New Orleans’ airport, I realized that nobody was there to pick me up (Mrs. Marilyn had messed up the dates)
  • Alone at about 11 p.m. I had no clue what to do
  • I called my coach and Mrs. Marilyn but they both didn’t pick up
  • I found a small paper in my wallet with the name and number of my assistant coach
  • Luckily he answered the phone and went to pick me up …

So yes I finally got to the Nicholls State campus, exhausted … Yet, my first days on campus were not better than this travelling adventure but you’ll figure it out by yourself in my next post.


1 thought on “First days in the US

  1. Eh oui Marie je me rappelle ce moment,recevoir un SMS a 6h du matin quand on part travailler cela restera graver dans ma mémoire.
    Et tu disais quoi ??
    “Viens d’arriver a la Nouvelles Orléans personne ne m’attends, je fais quoi ??”
    Alors j’ai réfléchis et je me suis dit MOI pas grand chose……
    Je t’ai quand même répondu” vas voir la police de l’aéroport et explique ta situation.”
    Et j’ai attendu plein de stress car entre temps je m’étais arrête au bord de la route pour évacuer cette pression.
    10 minutes après.
    Et le SMS est arrive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quelqu’un vient me chercher oufffffffffff

    C’est vrai que tu as eu beaucoup de détermination pour partir a l’aventure.
    Bravo ma petite Marie ton papa est fier de toi .

    Et on attend la suite !


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