Stereotypes about America and Americans …

  • Fat
  • Lazy
  • Proud
  • Self-centered

Here are the four main adjectives used by French people to describe American people. However, what is striking is that the majority of them have never been to the USA before. How can they have such a bad image of America and Americans? The answer is very simple, because of the Media. Indeed, this negative image of Americans based on stereotypes is spreading through the media (movies, video clips etc.) all over the world. Yet, is this French vision of Americans justified? Not always and this is what I’ve found out after 2 years in the US.

How French people see Americans?

American-Stereotypes-2Physical characteristics:

Here is the basic American for a random French. One fat guy eating a hamburger while drinking a soda with a cow boy hat and an American flag as a shirt. The flag on the tee shirt is an important element in that patriotism is a big deal in the US. If you ask a random French to describe an American he would probably depict one of this kind and maybe add some details by depicting him as laying in a couch while watching the Super bowl.

uncle-samMental characteristics:

French people see Americans as very proud and self-centered. Here what a French person would say about Americans in terms of mentality: Americans think they are the best and act as they are. They believe the world revolves around them. In fact, they have no clue what’s going on outside their frontiers. Neither they  know, nor they care because they country is all what matters. That’s why they are bad in geography. Ask an American to explain where are the Netherlands, where are the Alps located or what is the capital of Mongolia …

Europe according to Americans:

Europe According to the United States of America

Please don’t take this post too seriously and read the next one “Beyond Stereotypes” …


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