What’s in your wardrobe ?

SMALLIMAGE_294160Sport shoes,  a sport short, and a shirt promoting whatever event,  university,  sport team or  association, all usually with a little quote at the back … Here we go ! You got the typical outfit most American students go to class with. As a French student being used to dress up to go to class, I struggled hiding my astonishment.

How can Americans go to class like this? Do they want to feel comfortable or do they just put whatever comes first in their nicholls shortwardrobe before going to class? This is what I first wondered.

Try to go to school dressed like this in France and everybody will make fun of you. Indeed, in France and more generally in western Europe, going to class may seem like going to a fashion show, especially when you are a high school girl. Every girl wants to be the best dressed  and fashion is definitely a big deal back home. No need to say that you better fit in the “mold”.

Coming to the US and being confronted to this new type of clothes permitted me to take some distance. I’ve realized that fashion is not the most important although I do like fashion. What I mean is that in Europe, people should not be judged as much as they are according to their clothes. Yet, I think that American people should sometimes take care a little more about their appearance and the way they are dressed because although it is not the most important, appearance matters. It is what you want to show of yourself and what you decide people will see of yourself.

That’s why French should put things into perspective concerning fashion and take inspiration from American students, so do Americans from French. It’s all about balance …


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