What’s in your plate ?

Arriving as a Frenchie in the United States requires some acclimation. Getting used to the food is part of that acclimation. Indeed, entering in your university’s cafeteria for the first time and being surrounded by pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, fries, sandwiches, cakes, ice cream as well a multitude of different drinks (among which some completely unfamiliar to you) may be a little surprising for a French girl used to relatively healthy and tiny food. Yet, this is what I’ve experienced when I first arrived in America. To be honest, my first “contact” with American food definitely makes me realize how different my food habits were.

French and American food have little in common. Despite stereotypes, most Americans really like eating burgers, drinking soda and frequenting fast foods. French people on the contrary tend to eat more healthier. They don’t eat less, they just eat better.

Yuuuuuum !

However, what I ‘ve liked and found interesting was discovering the Louisiana food. Gumbo, shrimp, crawfish, red beans are food that I was not used to. I notably experienced my first crawfish last year. To tell the truth, I didn’t like it, but it didn’t kill me. Anyway, in spite of the crawfish’s taste, getting to know a new culture, especially when it is very different from yours is always rewarding.

The famous French Baguette

The famous French Baguette

France has also its typical food, you probably all know about the French Baguette. Baking, tiny food as well as cheese are also well known back home. But overall, what I personally miss the most from home in terms of food is our homemade bread.

Finally, I have to admit that I got used to the American food and more especially the one of Louisiana. It is not my favorite one … Indeed, I’m not fond of fried or seafood but I can handle it and I think that no matter what, living in a new environment with another type of food remains an incredible experience.


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